Ph Management

PH level Meters, a ph meter reads the ph levels of most liquids or solutions, once you have your ph reading you can then adjust using ph up or down to achieve the correct or desired ph levels.
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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products

Growth Technology Liquid Ph Down Phosphoric acid 81%. Used to lower the pH of nutrient solutions. It is a very acidic solution and should be handled with extreme caution.

5ml plastic measuring pipette, Reusable , measures in ml doses up to 5ml. ​Great for measuring nutrients and ph solutions.

Manual Ph Water Tester Kit - To use this ph tester kit you tae a few ml of your water or nutrient sample and place it in the provided plastic container, you then add 1-2 drops of the ph solution to the container and shake,

Digital Ph Pen - Digital Ph pens are designed to make life easy when taking the ph level reading of your water or nutrient solution. Simply take off the cap, switch it on and place it in your water sample

PlantIt Digital Ph Pen Meter The PLANT!T pH meter is reliable and easy to use. Small and lightweight, it is ideal for any growroom.

Essentials Digital EC Meter, The ESSENTIALS EC Meters are reliable and hold up to 10 past readings. This means growers are able to easily keep track of their EC readings

Essentials Digital PH Meter, The ESSENTIALS pH Meter is truly the most rugged glass type pH tester around. It is water and drop resistant. Even if the tester is accidentally dropped into the water,

Bluelab Digital Ph meter, The Bluelab pH Pen is the latest innovation for hand held pH meters and is the ph meter of choice for professionals and is the ultimate handy solution for measuring pH.

Bluelab EC Nutrient Pen, e Bluelab Conductivity Pen simply tells you that your plants have the right amount of nutrient in your solution and lets you know if adjustments are needed

Bluelab EC Nutrient Truncheon, t’s easy to use, easy to read and extremely accurate. No wonder it’s the world’s bestselling conductivity meter.

Bluelab Combo Nutrient Ec + PH Meter, The Bluelab Combo Meter is a portable pH, conductivity and temperature meter all in one. pros choice is bluelab.