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Jiffy 7 Organic Peat Starter cube

Pot and soil in one. Innovative plant cultivation with Jiffy-7® pellet

The introduction to the exciting world of hobby gardening can truly be very simple – e.g. with our specially designed Jiffy Starter Sets. They contain everything you need to successfully start growing plants – all right, almost every­thing … quality seeds, water, light, and a suitable growing temperature are still your job to provide!

You can get started immediately after you bring the set home – it’s easy, even without knowledge.

With detailed instructions and illustrated step-by-step descriptions on the product packaging, Jiffy will guide you through simple and purposeful processes, making your results literally bloom. Our practical Starter Sets will ensure your success from the start – green fingers included!

Later on, you can simply transplant the young seedlings easily and safely into the beds with the fully formed root system.

Jiffy-7® pellets – all advantages at a glance

Compressed pellets instead of heavy potting soil 
Made from the renewable raw material Sphagnum peat moss or coco fibers
Consistently high quality
Intelligent solution for clean and easy handling
Available in two sizes: 36 mm and 50 mm in XXL pellets, ideal for large plants – no re-potting!
Reliable and fast germination for healthy plants with strong root systems
Clean and convenient planting

Jiffy – the right choice from the beginning!


How it works

Put the pellets in the planting tray.
Soak the pellets with lukewarm water, pour off any excess water.
Sow seeds or stick cuttings and position the tray in a bright place.
When the seeds are sprouting, turn the cover slightly for air circulation.
When the seeds have sprouted, take the cover off.  
Avoid frost.
Gradually expose to the sun.
Never overwater or let them dry out.
Water thoroughly.
Refill water when required.
To protect the sensitive roots, cover the Jiffy 7® completely in the flower bed or flower pot when planting.
Cover with soil.



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Jiffy 7 Organic Peat Starter Pellet

Jiffy 7 Organic Peat Starter cube, The introduction to the exciting world of hobby gardening can truly be very simple – e.g. with our specially designed Jiffy Starter Sets. T